Call for Papers for LARTC 2015 now closed - agenda to be announced in February



LARTC 4th Annual Meeting will take place 10-11 June 2015. Look out for further announcements in the coming weeks.

Your most comprehensive Latin American refining technology conference.

This website holds all of the information about the 2014 event. The next event is currently in production and as soon as details are available they will appear here. So please add this page to your favourites list and visit back often for updates. Alternatively, please fill out the remind me form and we will contact you as soon as more information is available.

LARTC has fast become the leading event for senior refining and petrochemical professionals from across the Latin American downstream sector. Attendees come together to discuss the latest project developments and potential investment opportunities as well as gain insights into the challenges and opportunities affecting each country in the region. The agenda will showcase cutting edge technologies and solutions that can ensure the competitiveness of the sector in Latin America.

Attending the LARTC 3rd Annual Meeting in April 2014 enabled delegates to:

  • Hear exclusive presentations from leading refiners in Latin America including PEMEX, PETROBRAS, YPF and ECOPETROL amongst others
  • Be the first to review case studies on energy saving and clean fuels projects
  • Get updates on new technologies and processes that can improve profitability and maximize opportunities from the abundance of heavy oil
  • Join McKINSEY & CO in their assessment of worldwide refining utilization and capacity and, the impact of Mexico's proposed deregulation
  • Gain an insight into how the changing refining industry is impacting the Americas from JACOBS CONSULTANCY and the MEXICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE

Some of the issues we covered included:

  • Strategic insights from the region's major oil refiners
  • Technical expertise to enable flexibility when processing tight oil feedstocks and working through the challenges they pose
  • Processes to produce liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources
  • How to bridge the gap in personnel technical skills
  • Technology solutions to maintain refinery margins and competitiveness
  • Strategies to increase refinery flexibility; adapting to process middle distillates and therefore maximize diesel production
  • Practical solutions for incident prevention
  • Increasing gasoline yield and quality in a plant revamp project
  • Conversion methods at a revamped "bottom-of-the-barrel" refinery to increase margins and reduce imports

2014 Advisory Board

Global Technology Forum are delighted to announce that the LARTC 2014 advisors are:

  • Enrique Aguilar-Rodríguez, Process Manager, Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP)
  • Oscar Chamberlain, R&D Downstream & Biofuels General Manager, Petrobras
  • Enrique Troncoso Colombo, Energy Efficiency Coordinator, YPF
  • Ezequiel Acosta Mora, Refining & Petrochemical Development Leader, Ecopetrol
  • Hildo Francisco Henz, Director Partner, MSW Capital
  • Marcos Godinho Tavares, Director, Marketing Solutions

Here are just a few comments from attendees at the LARTC Annual Meeting over the past two years. We look forward to welcoming them back to the 2015 conference in Miami:

‘Excellent project and technology seminar' - Project Manager Talara Refinery Modernisation, PETROPERU S.A
‘Very interesting topics, good opportunity to get in contact with other colleagues and technology suppliers' - Product Champion Downstream Process, YPF SA
‘It was a great opportunity to get in touch with the current situation and future prospects of the oil and gas industry' - FCC Process Engineer, PETROBRAS
‘A fruitful forum for networking and knowledge exchange in the oil refining industry' Product Development Manager, Fábrica Carioca de Catalisadores SA
‘Very informative conference and a great chance to network' - Business Manager, POROCEL
‘It was very useful in my duties' - Refining and Petrochemical Leader, ECOPETROL S.A.
‘The LARTC first round was a success and opens the possibility to maintain it as an important annual event in the refining technology area' - Hydroprocessing Technology Senior Consultant, PETROBRAS
‘Excellent technical meeting to exchange experiences and learn about technological advances' - Petroleum Engineer, PEMEX
‘Presentations were very informative' - Head, Refinery Scheduling, PETROTRIN LTD
'Good organization and program content. Case studies well presented and high level of interaction between presenters and attendees' - Strategic Marketing Director Latin America, HONEYWELL UOP




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